Win back your newsletter subscribers

Grow your email list by reaching back to your subscribers stuck in the double opt-in limbo.

The Best of Two Worlds

A large email list of engaged subscribers.
That's the dream. That's your goal.

You invest time to generate great quality content, and you market like crazy to acquire new loyal subscribers.

Should you use single opt-in to grow your list fast, or double opt-in to grow your business with confidence?

Neither of them are perfect solutions.

Out of Limbo gets you the best of single and double opt-in

Increase Email Delivery

Let your real subscribers get your emails. No more bounces from spam bots and mistyped emails

Grow Your List

Win back all the (almost) subscribers that had their confirmation email go to spam or thy simply forget to click on them

Pay Less

Reduce costs from your email service provider by only paying for real subscribers

If you pick (only) one you lose

Single Opt-In

With single opt-in new subscribers are immediately added to your email list.

This helps you grow your list fast since new subscribers don't need to confirm their email addresses.

But single opt-in has huge drawbacks:

  • Spam bots and mistyped email addresses get on your list

  • Bounces hurt your email deliverability

  • You waste money on higher bills from your email service provider, as they charge per subscriber

  • Legal compliance issues

  • Real subscribers can miss your email if it ends up in their spam folder

Double Opt-In

When using double opt-in, subscribers sign up via your subscription form, and get a confirmation email with a link they must click if they want to get emails from you.

Double opt-in helps you avoid spam, reduce costs and get better email delivery.

But double opt-in hurts your growth:

  • Some subscribers will forget to click the confirmation link, which means they’ll never actually become subscribers.

  • If your list makes you money, unconfirmed subscribers are costing you money.

  • Unconfirmed subscribers are a wasted effort of your work

  • People who signed up actually WANT to have a relationship with you, but that’ll never happen unless they confirm. A failed double opt-in process leaves them in limbo, and you lose out on a lot of potential revenue.

Keep your existing stack

Out Of Limbo works with your existing email provider

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How It Works

It's surprisingly easy, with no ongoing maintenance.



Connect with your email service provider or newsletter tool



Detect subscribers that signed up to receive your newsletter but didn't (and won't) confirm their email address


Win them back

When the time's right, reach out to them so they confirm their email address. Your Gmail can be used to increase success rates

Take it from Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is a world leader in live entertainment.

They have a HUGE conversion rate from subscriber to ticket sold thanks to double opt-in plus following up to those that didn't confirm.


New email subscribers per month


Don't confirm their email address


Are won back after 7 days

Every subscriber that doesn't confirm their email is costing them money.

Out of the 20% subscribers that don't confirm their email address,
50% are won back after a few days with a new follow up (source).

Our Features

  • See subscribers that didn't confirm their email address

  • Detect when the time is right to reach back

  • Automatic follow-up

  • Integration with Email Octopus and Mailchimp

  • Reach back to subscribers via a Gmail email address to increase success rates


PlanHow You GrowPrice
IndieUp to 50 recaptured email addresses per month$8 per month
GrowthUp to 100 recaptured email addresses per month$12 per month
StartupUp to 150 recaptured email addresses per month$20 per month
BusinessUp to 250 recaptured email addresses per month$50 per month

Recaptured emails are subscribers that sign up via your registration form, don't end up confirming their subscription, and are then recaptured thanks to this software.

New confirmed are the total subscribers that sign up via your registration form and confirmed their subscription with or without this software.

Every plan lets you:

  • Automatically reach out to unconfirmed subscribers

  • See all unconfirmed emails addresses in case you want to reach out by yourself

Win Back Your Subscribers
to Grow Your List

When signing up, I'll contact you for a 10 minute onboarding call

  • Secure Payment

  • 7 days money-back guarantee

  • Fair pricing

  • Honestly made with ♥️


Who SHOULDN'T use this

Out Of Limbo is great for you as long as your email list is valuable to your growth.

This is not a tool for spam.

You can only use it with subscribers that explicitly signed up via your subscription form.

It can't be used to validate purchased email lists.

When Out Of Limbo Makes Sense

Out Of Limbo is a powerful tool if you your email list or newsletter helps you:

  • Create an audience for your business

  • Prepare for a product launch

  • Boost sales

  • Build up your personal brand

  • Make money with it

If any of the above is your case, using using single opt-in, ir double opt-in alone will make your goals harder to achieve.

Single Opt-in hurts your email delivery and increases your costs.

Double Opt-in makes people who want have a relationship with you stay in a limbo unless they click a link in their confirmation email.

A failed double opt-in process leaves them in limbo, and you lose out on a lot of potential revenue.